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There is no need to break the bank with individual brushes. With this complete quality set you will not be disappointed.

High quality fully zipped case. With removable brush panels to lift the position of the brushes and a carry strap.Made out of high quality synthetic hair, Each brush is individually wrapped.

Made out of high quality synthetic hair
Amazing finish
Sharp edges and points
Comfortable to use and hold
Seem well made to hold the shape even with a lot of paint to paint a good stroke

Total of 16 brushes
Superb range of sizes between 000-12
Shapes included;
Flat / Round
Wide / Fine Tip
You also receive an extra short handled fine detail brush (included as part of the 16 mentioned brushes)
Although there is not a slot for this brush it stays securely in place slotted together with number 9 or 3/4″

Pros & Cons Reviews

“Fantastic Paint Brushes – great gift or for professional painting

I love these brushes. I’ve been painting for years and have gone through a lot of trial and error in finding an affordable set of quality brushes. The quality of these brushes is evident at first glance and they hold up over time. As a bonus, the carrying case for the brushes is very nice – I like that it closes in a flat position but there’s an adjustment that allows me to stand the brushes up while I’m painting. I may end up getting another set as a gift or as a back-up set for myself.”


“These are great brushes and an amazing deal considering I’ve paid as much as $15.00 for one single brush. The liner brush that comes as a bonus works great for detail. The smaller pointed brushes hold their point and also work for detail. The packaging is very sturdy and stylish. The wooden handles are finely varnished and feel good in the hand. I use my brushes with oil paints thinned with turpentine and linseed oil.”


“I purchased the Santa Fe synthetic long handle brushes and fell in love with the way they feel. Very well balanced and great results. I took them to class and everyone was very excited about the “bonus” brush I received as a gift. What a nice surprise. The brushes themselves are silky smooth and work wonderfully for watercolor and acrylic. The carrying case is of the best quality. Great value and highly recommended!”


Create your legacy now with your works of art. Order your Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set today!

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